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High end makeup favorites/Luksus kosmētikas favorīti

22 Apr
Hello gorgeous! Some time ago I wrote about my budget friendly makeup favorites. Today I am going to share my “high end” makeup favorites which I think are worth to invest to.

Sveikas, daiļās! Nesen rakstīju par budžetam draudzīgiem kosmētikas favorītiem, bet šodien pastāstīšu par, tā sauktiem, “dārgā gala” favorītiem. Šeit ir apkopota kosmētika, kura, manuprāt, ir vērta savas cenas 🙂
  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in #12 Corail Fauve. Ideāls lūpu spīdums. Labi pigmentēts un nav lipīgs.
  • Dior Diorific lipstick (Grand Bal collection) in #040 Marilyn. Klasiska lūpukrāsa skaistā tonī. ļoti komfortabla uz lūpām.
  • YSL Rouge Volupte in #11 Rose Culte. Šo iegādājos pēc sajūsmas par YSL Rouge Volupte Shine. Un arī smu sajūsmā 🙂
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #4 Rougle in Danger. Par šo lūpukrāsu esmu sajūsmā 🙂 Labi pigmentēta, izcili mitrina un satriešo izskatās. Arī dramatiskais sarkanais tonis ir ideāls priekš manis.
  • Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in #25 Peche Clair. Labs pūderis ikdienai. Nemanāms viegls klājums. Nav nedz trģiski matēts, nedz arī spīdīgs. Izskatās ļoti dabiski.
  • Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic kit. Ļoti patīk Erase Paste (tumšiem lokiem zem acīm) un Boi-ing konsīleri.
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer in #01. Ideāls konsīleris pumpām un apsārtumiem.
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Super acu ēnu bāze. Ēnas turās visu dienu un nesakrājas krociņās.
  • Benefit Moon Beam highlighter. Izskatās vienkārši satriecoši. Piešķir ļoti veselīgu āda izskatu.
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans. Turās visu dienu. Viegli iztušējas. Skaists tonis.
  • MUFE Camouflage Cream Palette. Lieliski konsīleri, ideāla noturība, turklāt, vairāku toņu palete ļauj sajaukt krāsas, lai dabūtu savu ideālo toni 🙂
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. Labs laineris. Nav ne pārāk šķidrs, ne arī pārāk ciets. Labi klājas un labi turās.
  • BareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara in Black. Mana visu laiku mīļākā tuša. Piešķir labu apjomu, nebirst un neizsmērējas. Arī nomazgājas pilnībā (man riebjas būt rīta pandai).
  • Chanel long lasting eyeliner in Beryl. Turās visu dienu. Skaists tonis.
  • Payot stick couvrant purifiant. Kaut kas pa visu starp konsīleri un pretpumpu līdzekli, bet ļoti iderabrīgs cīņā ar pumpām. Lielisks līdzeklis cīņā ar pumpām.
  • TheBodyShop eyeshadow in #04. Skaists tonis. Laba noturība. Ļoti viegli iztušējamas ēnas.
  • Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in Ruthless. Arī ļoti skaists tonis un laba noturība.Un arī viegli iztušējamas ēnas.
  • Dior 5 Couleurs – 5-Colour Eyeshadow in #970 Stylish Move. Skaisti toņi, laba noturība.
  • Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in #30 Tweed Rose. Ļoti skaists vaigu sārtums no rudens 2012 kolekcijas. Atrodas ideālā bilancē starp matētu/spīdīgu. Piešķir ļoti veselīgu toni vaigu ar izgaismojuma efektu.

Cheap & chic! Lauren Luke brushes – review

11 Oct
Hello gorgeous! Some time ago (accidentally) I found an information about Lauren Luke brushes. They seemed to me possible good dupes for my beloved MAC brushes (217 and 239). You can find lots of good dupes for MAC 217, but it is almost impossible to find a dupe for MAC 239. And I love 239! This brush is just amazing for application of eye-shadows or pigments to the lid. But it is pricey and one essential brush is not enough to last all the week 🙂 (I am lazy and can not wash my brushes every day). But having 2 absolutely the same pricey brushes seemed not a very good idea 🙂 So when I saw brushes by Lauren Luke I said to myself – I need to try them out! And here they are (together with my MAC brushes) :

From top to bottom: MAC 239, Lauren Luke flat eye shadow brush, LL tapered blending brush, MAC 217

A closer look:

Even more closer look:  left MAC, right LL
As you can see MAC 239 and LL flat eye shadow brush look pretty similar 🙂 The head of LL brush is little bit smaller and little bit more rounded shape. The hair are very similar (to my mind). They are very soft but firm (bouncy) . MAC brush is more densely packed:



Have to say they both perform brilliant!

Now to the blending brush: left MAC, right LL (side view)

 As you can see MAC brush looks flat from the side and LL is fluffy all over 🙂 (front view)

Actually, these brushes are different 🙂 I just liked the description of LL tapered blending brush. It is said that Slightly longer than the blending shadow brush to allow for a more subtle blending effect of eye shadow, highlighting and contour powder. And this is true 🙂 The hair are very soft and it gives more blurred result than regular blending brush.
In case if you dont know – Lauren Luke is a make up artist. She has her blog and shop. Also she has a youtube channel  panacea81. So check them out 🙂
Together with my parcel from LL I received a letter where Lauren says that she believes, that good brushes can be affordable 🙂 And her brushes are just amazing for the price! So if you want good quality brushes not spending about £20 for one brush – grab LL brushes!
P.S. flat eye shadow brush from LL costs £4.00 only (in comparison MAC 239 costs £19.00), LL tapered blending brush costs £4.50. The shipping cost to Latvia for 2 brushes was £3.99.
P.P.S. LL shop accepts paypal payments only.

Gifts from gorgeous sister :)

18 Sep

Hello gorgeous! My sister came back from her summer trip and brought me incredible gifts 🙂

Anne Semonin is en exclusive French cosmetic brand. This exceptional brand combines the richness of natural ingredients, latest research in cosmetology and professional expertise. 

So I got Tissue Serum. From manufacturer: Absolute Matifying Serum. Bye bye to T-Zone.
And Exfoliating Mask. My sister knows I am a huge fan of gentle exfoliation!
MAC – Fluidline in shade Blacktrack (a musthave from MAC).
Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. I have horrible under eye circles and still believe in miracle cure for them 🙂
Sephora eyeshadow palette in shade Miami vibes. I asked for something pretty and not available in Latvia 🙂

Sephora eyeshadow palette in shade Miami vibes swatch:

These look just amazing, right? I was not expecting to see, that blue shade has semi-matte finish. These are great colors to play with 🙂 and to prolong summer 🙂

Tag – If all my makeup disappeared

19 Feb

Hello gorgeous!
Today I decided to do something more fun. Basically this tag is about what I would do if all my makeup would disappear. 10 things I would repurchase first. I think this tag perfectly shows what are 10 things I reach out for on daily bases. Kind of my must haves 🙂
So let’s start!
The first one would be a foundation. My favorite one is Healthy Mix by Bourjois. It gives me confident the days when I feel that my skin is not in the best condition, it brings a nice radiance to my skin.
The packaging:

and blended:

The second thing I would repurchase would be my concealer. This thing perfectly helps to hide all my blemishes and dark circles, when I feel that I didn’t have enough sleep. Also the same brand – Healthy Mix by Bourjois, just one shade lighter than my foundation to make my under eye area brighter.

Next product would be my Too Faced Naked eye palette. I seriously don’t know how I could live without it. It’s everything I use it for everyday make up. Also sometimes I use these colors for night-out. I think you can see my favorite and most used colors form the picture. 🙂 The palette came with small brush (angled brush and applicator on the other side) which I am using  for filling in my eyebrows. I use Like A Virgin color for this purpose. So for me it’s like 3 in 1, because of the brush and eyeshadow I use for the brows.

The brush:
As I started to talk about eye shadows I must admit that I can’t live without eyeshadow base or primer. Without it I just feel that shadows are not the right color, they don’t stay on my lids at all. So base for me is a must. The one I would repurchase would be Eyeshadow base by NYX number 03 (skin tone). It smells little bit strange (like an old lady), but I feel that it does the job!
I tried to make a swatch, but it totally blends in with my skin tone, so it was impossible to see it on the picture.
This is not a make up product, but I believe it still counts as one, because I use it for applying make up. Nothing else but blending brush 217 by MAC. I feel like any kind of comment on this brush would be unnecessary. I think every girl should own this one!

Another product I found is a must for me, is my fluidline in Blitz&Glitz by MAC. I am seriously using this product 6 days out of 7. It glides on so smooth and I never had problem with taking it off, although it stays on for ever. 
Swach on my hand

Next two would be my all time favorite lip products. First one is lip stick by Russian company called Mia. Oh My God! This is the second one. I repurchased this in the same color. I just love it soooo much! The consistency, the scent and color it’s just perfect. It has glossy finish, but color itself is something in between pink and nude.
And the second one – Glam Shine Reflection lip gloss by L`oreal in color Sheer Grenadine. I use this when I feel that my face looks too boring and pale, this product gives just perfect hint of red on my lips. It instantly brightens up my face. I can’t tell that it’s not sticky at all, but it’s definitely not crazy sticky. Feels very moisturizing on my lips. Love it! 
 swatches on my skin:
The next product is 2 in 1. It is Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder by Elf. Beautiful blush and very pigmented bronzer. I believe you can see how much love it was just by amount I used it. The quality is just amazing and the price…. I believe I paid around 3£ for it. Seriously?  Must have all year around. Who doesn’t like healthy glow? 
swatches on my hand:

And the last one. It’s eye pencil by Bourjois in number 81 (Bleu Virtuose). Perfect to add a pop of color on the waterline or lower lash line. Specially if you have brown eyes like me. Amazing color, amazing quality and last up to 16 hours. ( Although I never tried wearing my make up so long)
Swatch. Don’t you love the color? 

I hope you enjoyed and had fun reading this one. Have a lovely week 🙂
P.S. just wanted to make a note, that this post is written by my sister (so you can see skin color difference 🙂