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Chanel Taboo! Sagaidīju :)

26 May
Sveikas, daiļās! Beidzot! Manos nagos nonāca ilgi gaidītā Taboo nagu laka 🙂 1000 un 1 bilde:

 1 kārta:

 2 kārtas:

 Sarkanīs tonis, kas redzams pudelītē uz nagiem neparādās.

 saules gaismā var redzēt zilus spīdumiņus

 Kad gaismas ir pavisam maz nagu laka izskatās ļoti tumši. Tāds pesātināts zilo plūmju tonis.

Kā jums patīk? Es esmu sajūsmā 🙂
P.S. pirku Stockmann, cenas 17.50 Ls

NOTD Loreal 610 Rebel Blue

28 Mar
Sveikas, daiļās! Šodien man uz nadziņiem Loreal 610 Rebel Blue. Ļoti interesanta zila nagu laka ar gaiši zilu šimmeri 🙂

Kā jums patīk?
P.S. esmu sajūsmā par Loreal lakām – mazulītēm. Tās lieliski klājas, lieliski turās (pat līdz nedēļai) un tām ir ērta otiņa 🙂 Arī cena ir ļoti draudzīga 🙂

NOTD – Denim collection from Maybelline 172A swatches

10 Oct

Hello gorgeous! The new denims from Maybelline available a Drogas from October 🙂 Today I wear shade 172A.

The color really reminds me of denim 🙂 It is blueish-grayish-turquese. It dries to satin-close-to-matte finish.

I don`t actually like matte nail polishes so I applied top coat and voilà! Below you can see the difference with top coat and without.

 Top coat have transformed nail polish 🙂 Now you can see a lot more sparkles 🙂 Also the color got much more interesting (in my opinion).

What do you think? Do you like it? Which version do you prefer (original or with top coat)?

NOTD Croc nail effects by Barry M

23 Sep

Hello gorgeous! When I first saw croc skin effect nail polish by Dior  I decided that want it…but after a while i thought that actually I am not a fan of crackle nail polishes (have to say this one seems not just regular crackle polish to me 🙂 ) and probably will wear it maybe 2 or 3 times, thus I decided to go for something cheaper 🙂 And here it is! Croc Nail Effects nail paint by Barry M:

How to use it:
1. apply a thin coat of your chosen nail polish (I like the combination of black and gold and also these colors are contrast enough to show up well – so I chose Foil Effects nail polish by Barry M in gold shade as a base)
2. wait for 1 to 2 minutes until nails are touch dry. Do not apply to dry polish – this just not gonna work!
3. apply a thin coat of croc nail effects.
4. after 3 minutes the effect will start to appear.
It was like this:

Right after the application

about a minute after application (sorry for mess around the nail)

Left hand

And right hand 🙂
As you can see the pattern looks different. The thicker coat of the effect nail polish you will apply the bigger scales will appear.

P.S. I got my Barry M polishes from asos. The prices are from £2.99 to £3.99. What do you think of it? Would you like to try it?

NOTD Maybelline Colorama 15

14 Sep

Hello gorgeous! Šodien parādīšu klasisko sarkano nagu laku (tonis 15) no jaunās Colorama kolekcijas.

A classy red (shade 15) from new collection by Maybelline Colorama:

Es zinu, ka īsi sarkani nagi ir ļoti nepieklājīgi, bet sarkana nagu laka man visvairāk patīk tieši uz īsiem nagiem 🙂 Manuprāt ļoti seksīgi 😉
Un kā jums?

New Maybelline COLORAMA #749 swatch (and review of the collection)

15 Aug

Hello gorgeous! I am so excited about new Colorama nail polishes by Maybelline!

I don`t know if Maybelline changed the formula of the nail polish of just bottle design but these cuties look just amazing! The new collection includes 62! shades (Well I have to say I don`t know if all of the shades will be available in Latvia).
Just look at some of them:

 (click to enlarge)

New Colorama nail polishes should hit Latvia`s drugstores (Drogas, Rimi, Kolonna, Stockmann, Maxima) in September.  Recommended retail price is 1,69Ls (~3,2 $).
I have 8 shades to show you (well not today 🙂 And I decided to start from #749

#749 is gorgeous pure yellow shade which by the way is quite similar to the nail polish #302 Exotic Canaries by L`Oreal (Exotic Canaries is a little bit lighter):

The application is a little bit tricky (which is just common for cream (and especially yellow) nail polishes. First two coats looked streaky on my nails. But 3 coats is just enough to get very even result. Nail polish dries quite fast and stays very shiny after drying. I decided to make a little twist to my nails and added leopard print from Konad m57 plate:

Leopard was smeared a bit after top coat was applied 🙂

NOTD Max Factor Fantasy Fire

5 Aug

Hello gorgeous! Finally Fantasy Fire has arrived to Latvia! I waited soooo long for it 🙂
It looks just unbelievable! Isn`t it?

Tiny sparkles change their color depending on the point of view.

The nail polish itself applies very easy, without streaks. The downside of this particular color is that you will need to put 5 layers (well I did 5, but I believe if you have shorter nails you may need only 3 coats). But I rally wanted to see it`s original color. If it is not so important to you I would suggest to use 2 coats of Fantasy Fire over some matching dark color nail polish.
P.S. it retails for about 3.50 Ls (~7 $) in Latvia.
How do you like it?