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Purple everyday look

24 Feb
Hello Gorgeous! Just showing my LOTD 🙂 List of products can be found below pictures 🙂

Sveikas, daiļās! Nesen tiku pie dažiem labumiņiem no Chanel un pirmo izdomāju atrādīt tušu 🙂 Es gan nezinu cik labi šajās bildēs tieši tušu varēs redzēt…noteikti vēl uztaisīšu kārtīgu pārskatu par tušu 🙂 Pagaidām izskatās, ka man ļoti patīk paša tuša, bet ne īpaši patīk birstīte 😦 Uzklikšķinot bildes palielinās 🙂 Pēdējā bildē tušu var redzēt vislabāk. Atvainojos par matiem…bed hair day + vējš 🙂

Bourjois Healhy Mix – light vanilla (51)
NYX cream blush – glow (05)
Inglot – under eye corrective illuminator (54)
Lily Lolo eyeshadow – deep purple
Inglot – AMC eyeliner gel matte (75)
Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara – prune (30)
Sally Hansen Daily lip moisture gloss – clear apricot (no kāda Adorebox)

Sally Hansen Nail Quencher review

8 Jan

Hello Gorgeous! Today I am going to share my thoughts about Sally Hansen Nail Quencher hydrating cuticle creme. My cuticles are often very dry and in winter time the problem get worse. I found solution in Sally Hansen`s cuticle quencher!

Actually I purchased it because its turquoise tube attracted my attention and it was on sale (about 4$) 🙂 And also because I am satisfied with all Sally Hansen products I own. Nail Quencher is not an exclusion 🙂
From manufacturer: Nail Quencher Hydrating Cuticle Creme Restores Moisture to Rough, Dry Cuticles! Absorbs quickly into nails and cuticles to deeply hydrate and nourish encouraging stronger healthy nails. Massaging Nail Quencher into cuticle helps stimulate cell renewal.
My thoughts: The packaging looks very expensive. The product is very creamy and absorbs fast. The result can be seen just right after application. Great thing I noticed about it is if you apply the cream before going to the bed, the effect will last several days. I don`t know why, but the smell of it reminds me of mushrooms 🙂 But it is not annoying. But the annoying is the fact that this product is discontinued 😦 So if you notice this product on sale – get it! 🙂